Allan Shulman is the Founder and Executive Director of KidzSafe, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing parents and children with the essential tools to protect them from child abuse, abduction and other forms of victimization. The organization was created by Allan in 2000, in order to provide educational services to a variety of groups.

Allan specializes in delivering workshops to adult groups on the prevention of sexual abuse and abduction of children, as well as on the prevention of bullying in schools and in the community. The audiences include elementary school teachers, social workers, daycare professionals, community group workers, corporate professionals and summer camp counselors. Furthermore, the KidzSafe team brings musically-based personal safety education to children through presentations at daycares, schools, summer camps and various community organizations. In addition to his many parent and staff presentations at schools, Allan has lectured on child safety to university students at the Masters level, in both Education and Social Work in Canada and the United States.

Allan is the Canadian Director of the award-winning Yello Dyno Program, based in Austin, Texas. This international organization is made up of professionals who share with him the same ideas and goals in relation to the protection of children.

Allan Shulman, presenting at the 2003 Annual Conference of "our missing children", hosted by The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada. "Our missing childtren" is made up of representatives from: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade


The Yello Dyno Organization was founded in 1987 by Jan Wagner, and has since helped over 2 million children throughout Canada and the United States live safer lives.

As a caring working mother, Jan found a way to communicate simply and effectively with America's families, to help children learn how to protect themselves from anyone who might want to do them harm. "Through her vision, inspiration, and tireless efforts, the Yello Dyno team has created North America's leading program to help keep children safe from abuse, abduction, molestation, date rape and other forms of violence and exploitation."

Yello Dyno strives to protect children by teaching them the correct knowledge, through a non-fearful method of child safety education. The musically-driven and visually stimulating presentations are a powerful alternative to an often "institutional approach to child abuse prevention." Yello Dyno's success is based on reaching children in a way that they can relate to and understand.

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